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Get answers to some of your questions right now.

Q. How do I reserve a photo booth for my event?
A. Book an event on our website or call us at 816-807-0617.

Q. Do you have props or should I bring my own?
A. We have a variety of props and accessories, but by all means, talk to us about any of your own props and dress up materials that you’d like to bring. We’d love to brainstorm with you to make your event the most fun it can possibly be.

Q. Why Super Shots Photobooth?
A. Our goal is to provide the best photo booth event experience possible. Our equipment is best in class and your photos will be too.

Q. How many photos do we get?
A. Each person in the picture goes home with a photo strip. Imagine having to decide who gets the strip when there are four of you. We make sure everyone gets in on the fun.

Q. Will you just drop off the booth and run?
A. No way! We are there from beginning to end. We will show up at least 30 minutes prior to your designated start time to set up. At least one attendant will be with the booth at all times to make sure your guests are getting the most out of the experience.

Q. How many people can you fit in your booth?
A. Our booth measures 5ft x 5ft, and stands over 6 ft tall. The word cram comes to mind. If they will fit in the camera view, they will fit in the booth! It’s just the right size for entertaining your quests. Other companies have photo rooms or just use a wall, don’t stand for less!

Q. How long does it take for pictures to print?
A. Our professional photo quality dye sub printers are super fast. Less than 20 seconds and you are ready to get in the back of the line for round two of photo booth fun!

Q. Can you put a personal heading on the photo strip?
A. Better than that! We custom design every photo strip for your special occasion.

Q. How much room does the booth require?
A. We ask for a 10×10 squared foot space. 10 x 15 when we bring our table for scrapbooks

Q. There are several different booth styles available. How do I choose?
A.Personal style matters. Our is compact and fully portable which means we need limited equipment to transfer our booth to events. The black velvet drapes  of our booths blend in very well in any décor – casual or formal. Ours is private – once guests are in the booth they have a license to act how they want for their twenty seconds in the spotlight.

Q. Do you have packages?
A. We list pricing separate and let you build it to your needs. Take what you want, leave the rest

Make your event memorable and unique. Book a Super Shots Photobooth today or contact us for more information.